Kronicle Live Demo

This is a live demo of Kronicle. Kronicle is an open source platform for visualising and documenting a tech stack, including software and infrastructure. The demo is a real instance of Kronicle, containing real data.

Use the menu above to view the different parts of Kronicle.

Kronicle contains the following:
Areas 1 Teams 1 Components 52 Tech Debts 2 Test Results 416
The following platforms are associated with components in Kronicle:
Scanners dynamically add data to Kronicle at runtime:

Finds the number of log entries and top log messages for each log level for a component


Finds AWS CloudWatch Synthetics Canaries and adds the state of those canaries to components


Saves documentation files from a component's Git repo and serves those files via Kronicle's UI


If a component includes a repo URL, the scanner will create a local clone of the component's Git repo. The local Git repo clones are typically used as an input to other scanners


Scans a component's codebase for any Gradle build scripts and collects information like Gradle version and software used


Loads GraphQL schemas for components so they can be rendered in Kronicle


Scans a component's codebase and finds the names of all Java types imported by Java import statements


Processes all software found by other scanners and looks for certain configured key software to find what version(s), if any, a component uses. Key software is typically things like Gradle and Spring Boot


Scans a component's codebase, finding all the file extensions for textual files in the codebase and calculates the total number of lines of text for each of those file extensions


Scans a component's codebase for any node.js package-lock.json or yarn.lock files to find what software is used


This does two things: a) scan's a component's codebase for any YAML or JSON files that contain OpenAPI specs and b) uses any OpenAPI spec URLs specified in a component's metadata


Scans a component's codebase for a README file at the root of the codebase


Copies state from repos to the components using those repos


Scans a component's codebase looking for any references to SonarQube project keys. For any references it finds, it will call the SonarQube server's API to retrieve all the latest metrics for those SonarQube projects


Scans a component's codebase looking for any TODO comments that look like // TODO: or # TODO:

Kronicle App v0.1.419