Kronicle Service - README

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Kronicle is an open source tool and dashboard for development teams and tech organizations to document and visualise the components in their tech stack and teams in their organization.

See the documentation for more information on deploying and using Kronicle.

Component Metadata YAML

The metadata that powers Kronicle can be found the kronicle.yaml files in various Git repos.

There are two template repos for creating repos with kronicle.yaml files:

RepoNotes is a template for creating a new kronicle-metadata repo that contains the YAML that describes area(s) and/or team(s) is a template for adding a kronicle.yaml file to a codebase repo, with the YAML file describing the component(s) (e.g. service, database, queue etc.) in that codebase

The repos above contain files that describe the steps you need to follow.

Running the Service

Set these environment variables, either on the terminal or in IntelliJ:

$ export PLUGINS_GITHUB_USERS_0_ACCOUNT_NAME=some-user-name
$ export PLUGINS_GITHUB_USERS_0_ACCESS_TOKEN_VALUE=some-personal-access-token
$ export
$ export PLUGINS_GIT_HOSTS_0_USERNAME=some-user-name

Run the service:

$ ./gradlew bootRun
Kronicle App v0.1.355