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Kronicle App

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Vue 2.6.14 Nuxt 2.15.8


The Single Page App (SPA) for Kronicle's UI. kronicle-app hosts the whole web UI for Kroncile


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The SPA is built with Nuxt and Vue.js. Nuxt is an awesome framework for building Vue.js apps that removes a lot of the boiler plate code needed and introduces a lot of helpful conventions and patterns. Nuxt supports both Server Side Rendering (SSR) and static generation. kronicle-app uses Nuxt with Server Side Rendering. Inital page renders are done server-side with further page renders performed client-side.



  • Rendering a web UI that visualises all the data in Kronicle. Data is a combination of data from kronicle.yaml files store in Git repos and data pulled in by Scanners from external data sources like Git repos, Zipkin, SonarQube etc. The Kronicle App uses the Konricle Service's RESTful API to retrieve all this data.

Kronicle App v0.1.260